Thursday, July 17, 2014

What's been going on!

Hi everyone!
I've been baking up a storm! Have y'all? I can't wait to share with new recipes with y'all!

Since I haven't blogged in a month (sorry about that), I thought I would share with y'all what's been going on over here in the LGZLuvzAG family! Some, Most, All of my sisters have been wanting to blog on here, so you might meet some of them. Nicki (my oldest sister) has been working on a tab with a list about all our sisters. :)

So here's what been going on!

 We welcomed a new sister:
Meet Ivy!
Here's a slide-show of Ivy being welcomed by my sisters, Mei Ling, Keira & Finley:


And my sister Hazel got a new outfit that she thought made her look dramatic:

Slide-show of more pictures:

We did a #tbt (or ThrowbackThursday, for those who don't know) on Instagram:

That's my sister Carmen. Follow is on IG at @lgzluvzag
Went to an AG store and took many, many, many pictures of the new stuff:

Slide-show of those pictures:

You can also see all those pictures in our Flickr stream Here!

Plus we hit 100 followers on Instagram! Thank you so much! Lindy was very shocked when she saw that!

And Lindy's also been in the process of coming up with a new series for our YouTube! Plus, she told us we're getting another new sister! She won't tell us anything about her...I just hope she likes to bake! :)

See y'all soon with another recipe!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Let's Make: {{S'more Bites!}}

Hi everyone!
Today, I'm going to show you our first ever tutorial on this blog!

What's the Story?:

"What'cha mean you've never had a s'more bite, Whitney?!"
That's what my big sister, Lilani, said when I asked the question 'What's a S'more bite?'".
  A Big--and wonderful--mistake.
  I was then described the most delicious dessert I've ever heard about.
  A jumbo marshmallow dipped in melt chocolate and rolled in those pesky graham cracker crumbs at the bottom of the bag.
  It really is, a ooh-gooey bite of a S'more.

Beginners can do this but you'll need some extra supplies!

Ingredients you'll need:

White Clay, {I'm using Sculpey}
Tan Clay,
Brown Chalk, {I'm using Stampin' Up's Pastels but any chalk-like Pastels would work; Not oil ones!}
Liquid Clay, {I'm using Sculpey Transparent Liquid Clay}
A small container,
Some unused toothpicks,
A Needle or sewing pin,
And of course,  wax-paper and a working oven.

Always wash your hands clean and dry with a paper-towel!

(If you use just a hand towel the fuzz or little hairs from it will stick to you! 
Working with White clay is tricking! Everything shows!)

Step 1.)
Take a bit of White Clay and roll it into a small ball.

Step 2.)
Place your finger on the middle with pressure, making the sides become longer.

Step 3.)
Stick the needle/sewing pin at one end and set aside. {That will be your marshmellow.}

Step 4.)
Take a piece of your Tan clay and shape it into a long log.

Step 5.)
Take your piece of tan clay and put it on the wax-paper (which should on a cookie-sheet), and pop in the oven for 10 minutes at 275°F (130 °C). {Don't forget to set the timer! Burnt clay does not smell good!}   

Step 6.)
While the soon-to-be graham crackers are cooking, bring your small container out and squeeze some of your liquid clay into it.

Step 7.)
Scrap some of your Brown Pastel Chalk into the container; on top of the liquid clay. {If you do this the other-way-around it'll blow air and blow out most of your chalk.}

Step 8.)
Mix well with a clean toothpick. {You can stop when everything in the container is brown!}{P.S.! Your graham cracker should be done by now so pull them out of the oven and put on a plate to cool.}

Step 9.) 
After right your take your "log" {The tan clay} out of the oven and it should be cooked enough where you can't re-shape it. Go crazy chopping them up in little, itty, bitty pieces.

Step 10.)
Take your marshmallow (on the needle) and dip into the chocolate, where the marshmellow is half-way covered.
Step 11.)
Quickly roll your marshmellow into your 'crumbs and set the whole marshmellow on your cookie sheet {Which still should have wax-paper on it.} and use another toothpick to pull the original toothpick out.
Step 12.)
Once you've made as many as you want, bake in the oven for 10-13 minutes at 275°F (130 °C).

Step 13.)
When the timer beeps, move your S'more bites on a plate and cool. After a few minutes they should cool enough for you to lightly tap them against the plate; Each one should not be soft and have a hallow sound.

Step 14.) *(optional)
Share with your sisters! {Again, this is optional. ;) }

Don't feel like making these? Buy them at our Etsy! Click Here!
*Please make as many of these as you want, but if you share this with others please link it to us! Tag us on Instagram @lgzluvzag  and at #dollieclaydelights  with your pictures of your food!*

See y'all soon with another recipe and maybe a field-trip or two!


Friday, May 23, 2014


Hi! I'm Whitney!
This is me! What? You didn't know I was a doll? I am!
I just turned 9 years old on Valentines Day, and I have 26 sisters. Yes, 26.

Here's an old picture of all of us-- Breaking News, Mom/Lindy (our care-taker) said two more girls are coming here!

 And on this blog, I'll show you how to make food for yourself, my fellow dolls that is! Since we can only eat Clay (not raw clay! That's nasty!) and plastic why not make it look yummy?
 Here's some things I've made:

Made these last October!

A Birthday classic in the LGZLuvzAG home. :)

These will be made again soon--I make them for all of my sisters' birthdays. :)

{ Thank to my big sister, Nicki, for taking these pictures! :) }

Well, I'm off to go bake something!